Phenhrig 2012: The Human Microbiome and Formation of Bioactive Flavonoid Metabolites

Phenhrig 2012: The Human Microbiome and Formation of Bioactive Flavonoid Metabolites

Experimental Biology 2012 Saturday April 21, 1–4:30pm

Upper Level-Rm 30 A/B, San Diego Convention Center

In recent years, it has become possible to identify microbes of the human gut microbiome and study changes in the composition of the microbiome. The microbiome composition can be influenced by dietary changes and changes in the intake of flavonoids. In turn, the microbiome is a major determinant of flavonoid metabolism and bioavailability, yielding numerous phenolic metabolites, including many secondary metabolites. New methods of analysis have allowed for the identification of these metabolites and exploration of their biological activities.  These studies have identified novel mechanisms for the health benefits of flavonoids.    For more information go to our website

Phenhrig 2012-Speaker Schedule

1:00 pm-Introduction Myron Gross, University of Minnesota.

1:15 pm-Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, Imperial College London

Gut microbial-host co-metabolic signaling in health and disease: The broad role of phenolic compounds.

2:00 pm- Dr. Meredith Hullar, Div Public Health Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Interactions between the gut microbiome and dietary phenolics.

2:30 pm- Student Research Award Winner Presentations

3:30 pm- Dr. Alan Crozier, University of Glasgow

Mass Spectrometric Analysis and the Bioavailability of Dietary (Poly)phenolics.

4:00 pm- Dr. Irfan Rahman, University of Rochester Medical Center

Dietary polyphenols and regulation of epigenetic chromatin modifications in inflammation.

For more information on Phenhrig 2012 send the Co-Chairs a note:

Drs Myron Gross or Ted Wilson can be contacted by email at




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